• El Monte Sagrado 317 Kit Carson Road Taos, NM, 87571 United States

Our intention is to ELEVATE our current energetic states of Being toward the next level of Evolved Consciousness, Sacred Spirituality, Manifestation and Divine Beauty.  A natural purification of mind, body and spirit will occur on a cellular level, lifting our vibration, frequency and fortifying our present state of self.  As we pay close attention to our intuitive voices in a creative, nurturing, inspirational space, an organic alchemy and unified field of energy will take flight to remove stagnation from our cells, hearts and soul. Together we will dis-solve all boundaries and borders, solving any obstacles, fear and negativity that steals our birthright to Embody the Love that we are.  You will leave energetically clean, clear, faithful and purposeful for the next phase of your life.

The ELEVATE Experience ~ Created and Guided by Maureen Dodd with special guest, Master Astrologer,  Rebecca Gordon, this retreat will incorporate: 

Energy clearing techniques, sacred yoga, hands-on spiritual healing, spiritual mentoring, natural breathing and meditation, ecstatic movement, sacred music and art, the power of setting intention, healing in nature, drum circles, self-actualizing astrology, clean food, map to take care of the body, crystal teachings, medicinal oils, deep rest and repose, the power of prayer, complete Presence with and for each other, elevated energies and Oneness....profound tools for healing and transformation. You will be witness to the mysterious and miraculous healing energy that sits within each of us. 

This Retreat is for anyone seeking a greater understanding and transformation of what it means to live a life in your most expanded state of self. This retreat is an experience and a vehicle to move into your highest self and new future.

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We'd like to remind you that participants are responsible for their hotels and transportation to Taos so be sure to book your accomodations:


El Monte Sagrado
317 Kit Carson Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571   
Phone: 575-758-3502
Hotel Liaison: Lynn Skall



Transportation suggestions: 

Airports: Santa Fe, Albequerque or Taos (private airfield) 

Car Rental from airport to Taos ~ we are happy to help connect retreat participants who may be looking to share rides.


What to Expect:

Day 1: (afternoon check in)  The first evening will be Intro and Intention.

Day 2:  STATE OF MIND ~ On this day we will explore and shift our thought patterns to more positive and fulfilling intentions.  By overcoming the habitual thoughts and patterns that influence our strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis we are able to rise to the next level of consciousness and lay the foundations for a more expansive and successful life. 

Day 3: STATE OF BODY~ Our bodies are the vessels of our souls.  They are our personal temples.  On this day we explore movement, nutrition, self care, breath, energy, and various modalities to fine tune the tools for physical elevation and transformation.  Learning how to link our intangible self to our physical form we are able to learn how to recognize and heal our bodies though our capacity for expanded awareness. We will learn how to nourish our bodies in various ways on multiple levels.

Day 4: STATE OF SPIRIT~  Our spirit is our unspoken self and is the most spacious aspect of our existence.  We will learn to be cognizant of how we navigate our soul or spirit energy...  The spirit is our most expansive state of being and how to to navigate the ever shifting terrain of the energetic world.  We will delve into healing and expanding the spirit body though energy medicine and it's various aspects including spirit dance, hands on healing, meditation, soul paths, visionary art and sacred ceremony. 

Day 5: Integration and closing.  On our last day we will combine the alchemical aspects of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and infuse the lessons of the retreat.  We will solidify the energy and leave you with powerful tools to keep your vibration and frequency lifted allowing the deep meaningful seeds sowed to manifest.


What to Bring:

Temperatures in Taos in November typically range from 60s- 40s so bring layers

Clothing for yoga and movement class

Yoga Mat

Clothing for hike/nature walk

Water bottle- because of altitude you will need to stay hydrated

An open heart and open mind

If you have any questions,  kindly contact Maureen Dodd at lovemaur@gmail.com,631-903-1118

Let the journey inward begin...