Astrology in Action 2018


Class Dates

May 17 - Aug 2



*All Classes Will be available in Video or Audio to watch / download at anytime along with      complimentary materials; all of which you will have life-time access to.

* Sixth and last class will be 5 hour days live in NYC and also live streamed for out of country students. All 10 other classes will be 1 - 1.5  hours and these will be released once a week Thursday mornings.

* There will be tons of great supplementary material and homework as well. You are able to go at your own pace, though we recommend keeping up with the weekly assignments .

* All classes and modules will live in the 'My Path Astrology School' software which you will gain access to after signing up. You will receive with each class download: audio, video, pdf, and homework assignment, along with any pictures and recommended reading.

* Also enjoy access to the Q&A message board for each class and where you can share your assignments, post questions and relevant insight.

* Receive discounts on Astrology Readings while classes are in session.



Week 1: FREE WILL & DESTINY IN THE NATAL CHART We review a grouping of  famous and notorious charts under a microscope.

Week 2: ECLIPSES, NEW MOONS AND FULL MOONS IN PREDICTION  Also exploring the pre-natal eclipse and your passage through time.

Week 3: TRANSITS: HOW THEY AWAKEN YOUR PLANETS Transits are the living archetypes: explore the messages they come to deliver. 

Week 4: INNER PLANETS IN TRANSIT How to give a condensed reading with this useful knowledge.

Week 5: OUTER PLANETS IN TRANSIT: (URANUS, NEPTUNE, AND PLUTO) How they transform your world: empowering or earth-shattering.

Week 6 (LIVE IN NYC 1:00pm - 6:00pm): 

ASTROLOGY IN ACTION & THE SOLAR RETURN  A Review on all previous material as we bring it to life as we layer in the Solar Return Chart.

Week 7: PROGRESSIONS:  Budding Emergence of New Traits / Personality As the Natal Chart unfolds, progressions sow the seeds of evolution. 

Week 8: THE PROGRESSED MOON CYCLES Moon cycles are your inner clock and superior timing device.  Learn how the progressed Moon  awakens.

Week 9: SYNASTRY: RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY Composite Charts - the Energy pattern of two souls in one chart.  Reading the Synastry Grids and Bi-Wheels.

Week 10: ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TIMING! How to find the perfect time for anything, i.e. a new business venture, wedding, interview, website launch.

Week 11: HORARY ASTROLOGY: THE MAGIC OF THE HOUR  Learn  how to  receive  immediate answers to any question asked based on the chart of the moment.

Week 12 (LIVE IN NYC 2:00pm - 6:00pm): BREAK OUT SESSIONS We use all techniques and apply to real-life scenarios.