The days between now and Oct. 31 will be filled with electricity in the air. Deep changes within your psyche and outer world will be inevitable. Nothing will stay as it appears to be now. The ruler of this full Moon in Venus who is in Retrograde and who also opposes Uranus.

This means that you will be dealing with a matter from the past and now you can finally clear the karma on this story, though not without a break-through. Here's where your zodiac sign or rising sign will feel the effects.

#aries money, security
#taurus self, relationships
#gemini physical health, mental health
#cancer love, friendships
#leo career path, home
#virgo media, communications
#libra trust, financial stories
#scorpio patterns in relationships
#sagittarius physical body, healing
#capricorn true love, ideals
#aquarius family, home, aspirations 
#pisces speaking your truth