Solar eclipse 2017 could impact Donald Trump and the United States, astrologers warn [Detroit Free Press]

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On the heels of my recent article in Harper's Bazaar, The Detroit Free Press reached out to me to find out more about the power of The Great American Eclipse on August 21 and the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s future, astrologers say, is written in the stars, and they’re predicting Monday's total solar eclipse will have serious consequences for the 45th president and for the country.

The movement of stars and planets have an impact on people, they say, and suggest that the Aug. 21 eclipse could be transformative for the nation and President Donald Trump.  

"I am genuinely concerned about the future of our country with all that is happening in his chart. He and our nation are at a tipping point with this eclipse," said Rebecca Gordon, a New York-based astrologer and author who writes for Harper's Bazaar.

Trump was born on June 14, 1946, during a lunar eclipse. His sun is in the astrological sign of Gemini, animating him with a need to deliver a message to the world. The planet Mars, on the horizon line at his time of birth, imparts him with an aggressive and hot temperament. This heat in is intensified by the fiery and proud sign of Leo on his Ascendant. 

Most strikingly, Regulus (the royal star) sits directly on his ascendant and Mars. Throughout history, Regulus has been known to impose a strict royal code of conduct advising against revenge. If violated, there can be ruinous set-backs for those, like Trump whom are regulated by the Star Regulus, 

Historically eclipses have brought dramatic changes for nations and their leaders. The eclipse we will see on August 21, will align with the position of Mars (planet of anger and power) and Regulus on the day Trump was born. "Based on his chart, this is a seriously critical time for Trump," Gordon said. 

It’s also interesting to note that the placement of Kim Jong Uns birth Mars is in direct opposition to Trumps. Therefore this eclipse will activate aggressive tendencies on both sides, as we have already witnessed. Gordon advises they proceed with caution when interacting.

“The last time we had this same kind of total solar eclipse 19 years ago, then-President Bill Clinton (whom also with Regulus) testified before a grand jury investigating his conduct and allegations of an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. It led to his impeachment in the U.S. House in December of that year. But early in 1999, the Senate did not get the votes needed to impeach. 

"This is certainly the most crucial time in Trump's  life as this Eclipse will peel back the curtains and reveal hidden truths as we have seen already in the months leading up to the eclipse.” Gordon said.

This eclipse cycle that returns every 19 years has a pattern throughout history of unveiling abuses of power and showing how leaders have overstepped their boundaries. “The nature of this eclipse will incite a need to change direction entirely and if he does not, there can be far-reaching implications.” Gordon said.

Gordon predicted that hidden information, possibly tied to the Russia investigation, will be revealed near Jan. 31 and Feb, 15, when the next set of eclipses show up. These two also mirror the same eclipses that occurred when Clinton was acquitted in 1999.

"An eclipse happens, truth is revealed and we often see the dark underbelly. This eclipse will highlight where Trump or others may have abused power and bring it all into a stark light,” says Gordon.

Born on an eclipse 

Being born during an eclipse is seen in astrology as a sign of one's ability to rise to great power, fortune or fame, though it also imposes high stakes, that can swing dramatically either way depending on the choices made.

"Many people in royal families, and royalty around the globe — presidents, popes, famous people — many of them were born on an eclipse, whether it's a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse," Gordon said, rattling off a list of eclipse babies that includes Prince Charles and his ill-fated first wife, Princess Diana; Prince William and his wife, the duchess of Cambridge.

"Many of them die on eclipses, too. There’s this enormous legacy of royalty born on eclipses and who die on eclipses and all of their major life events happen around eclipses," Gordon said.

"Even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, was born on an eclipse, and he’s sort of like a modern-day king. Pope Francis was born three days after a solar eclipse, too."