Venus Direct

Choices you made over the last 2 months regarding love may well seem strange to you now. The fog lifts today, at last. ‪#‎Venus‬ goes ‪#‎direct‬ ! Certainly something to celebrate after a whole summer of of ‪#‎VenusRx‬. It was likely not the easiest summer and perhaps there was an ex-lover that was temporarily back on the scene or you were considering. Possibly clearing the air in your long-time marriage and questioning everything... Well. Our goddess Venus is moving only forward now so you will get the sweet clarity of a Direct Venus. Finally, Venus rules beauty and love as well as money so now may be a good time to update your wardrobe so that more clearly represents you or who you are now. You may finally get that hair cut or color you have been putting off, enjoy a luxurious spa day. Spa days and vacations are never as graceful as we may have hoped when Venus is retro. I would wait until mid-October for any investments though as Mercury goes retro right after her following suit. Hopefully you got some clarity on the past and heres to making Venus Direct a time to ENJOY now that the past is out of the way. ‪#‎VenusDirect‬ Yeah!