The Power In Finding Your Path

If you have ever had a birth chart reading, you are probably well aware that we are all born with a ‘road map’. This map is a picture of energy, a moment in time when all of the sky seemed to stand still for your entry onto planet earth. And that’s my ‘Leo Rising’ way of putting it!

 You are a pure representation of the spirit and flesh of your birth moment in Cosmos (energy) translated into matter. When we begin to sync our physical bodies with what our spirit desires, we then align with our life path. The chart is the intent of incarnation - the desire of spirit - the path. However, you can walk it any way you choose. Astrology is about your realm of possibility. 

Though we all might be predisposed to attracting certain kinds of things - you know what I mean; some based on our early life, past lives, and various kinds of karma, racial, tribal, familial, ect. Once we are aware of those certain ‘things’ that tend to happen, we can begin to untie the knots which invite in the story. We can liberate ourselves and step into the Dharma of the chart.

If there is one thing astrology has taught me, it is that there is a way to transform each Karma into a Dharma - Each challenging pattern can translate to a way of giving back to the world. This has inspired me to no end. Your challenges will become your gifts as you commit to your path. Live courageously! xoxoxox