Study the Sacred Language of Our Skies and Learn How to Read Birth Charts with Rebecca Gordon

Dates: October 1 - December 17, 2017

*All Classes Will be available in Video or Audio to watch / download at anytime along with      complimentary materials; all of which you will have life-time access to.

* First and last class will be 5 hour days live in NYC and also live streamed. All 10 other classes will be 1.5 hours and these will be released once a week on Sunday nights.

* You will receive with each class download: audio, video, pdf, and homework assignment.

* Also enjoy access to the Q&A message board for each class and where you can share your assignments, post questions and relevant insight.

Beginners Astrology Class | Discover Your Birth Chart [In Session Now]

~ Discover how to read a Birth Chart
~ Learn to chart planetary cycles in your daily life and optimize potentials
~ Develop your intuition and the skills to be your own astrologer


At the moment you were born, all of the planets were in a rare formation that will never exist again in all of history. That formation is called your birth chart or ‘natal chart’. The natal chart tells a story of the soul and it is the unique energy field which you carry throughout your life.  

In this lively online and in-person astrology class, you will:

  • Learn how to interpret the planetary forces at work within your own, or anyone else’s natal chart. 
  • Discover the distinctive qualities that each planet takes on through the signs of the zodiac, and how they operate at your time of birth
  • Gain insight into character and life events
  • Get a rich understanding of relationships; romantic, business, and group dynamics from an astrological perspective. 
  • Explore the world of planetary timing as you will learn how to work with the great power of new moons and major alignments in the sky with a glimpse at what’s in store for the year ahead. 

Under Rebecca’s expert instruction, you will garner the skills to integrate this ancient wisdom in your modern life. By learning to read the birth chart, you can begin to understand the spirit, body, mind and emotions in one core language – the language of astrology.  

Each student will receive a certificate of completion for ‘Beginners Astrology Class’ from the My Path Astrology School




Week 1:  (Kick-off live in NYC 1:00pm - 6:00pm and live-streaming for all students who do are not present)  : THE SACRED LANGUAGE OF ASTROLOGY The History: Planets, Signs, Houses.

Week 2: HOUSES OF THE HEAVENS The 4 angles of incarnation: your individual lens.

Week 3: THE SUN AND MOON IN RELATION How to plan ahead with moon cycles.

Week 4: THE INNER PLANETS AND PERSONALITY Communicating the voice behind your chart: Mercury’s way of relating to others.

Week 5: ATTRACTION WITH MARS AND VENUS Your archetypes in love, business and groups: Chart Compatibility.

Week 6: JUPITER & SATURN Operating in the natal chart and presently. The mark of your generation. 

Week 7: URANUS – LIBERATION OF THE SOUL Where you create your own reality. Uranian cycles of history and placement in the birth chart.

Week 8: NEPTUNE - DIVINE INSPIRATION Neptune’s journey through the birth chart: Spiritual lessons, lifting the veil.

Week 9: PLUTO & THE NODES - PATHWAY OF THE SOUL Pluto in the Natal Chart and on the world stage.The Nodal path of karma - your soul group.

Week 10: INTERPRETING WITH ASPECTS How we are etherically wired. Be prepared to move. 

Week 11: THE SOUL OF THE CHART Chart patterns and hemisphere emphasis.

Week 12 (Live in NYC, 1:00pm - 6:00pm & live-streaming for students who are not present):  ASTROLOGICAL READING Synthesizing a natal chart - practice sessions.

What people are saying about Rebecca's course:

Rebecca is an incredible teacher, and like all great teachers, she will change the way you see the world. Rebecca brilliantly and compassionately weaves together the planetary and the personal, opening your eyes to all the archetypal energies buzzing through us all. Not only have I found a new passion in Astrology, but I have become much more open to myself and others in the process.
— Jennifer Matthews
Wow! Probably the most informative course I’ve ever taken. Rebecca has a way of transmuting the collected wisdom of the planets and stars into our own tangible consciousness. And this comes from more than the years of experience she has had. Rebecca invites her students to be fully themselves and bring their true essence in the astrological practice. I really appreciate that because she’s not churning out cookie-cutter astrologers. If you’re looking to have a deep understand of astrology and the ability to be the catalyst for transforming lives, this is the class for you.
— John Thurmond
I highly recommend Rebecca’s astrology classes which will surely expand your understanding of the ancient art & science. I have taken both her introductory and intermediate course and have learned so much from her classes which have provided a wealth of information in an engaging, fun and spirited atmosphere. Rebecca’s a wonderful leader to guide you through the fascinating discovery of the cosmos through the transformative world of astrology. Her poetic approach to teaching astrology gives it context which allows you to uncover valuable gems of information and easily apply it to your daily life.
— Jalina Stewart
If you’ve ever wondered what is happening around you and looked up into the sky for an answer but didn’t get one, then this honed course of study is for you! The phrase “As above so below, as within so without” means that the macrocosm of the galactic space above ultimately reflects the microcosm of life on the terrestrial Earth below. Rebecca Gordon will truly open your eyes and mind to what you ‘see’ above, so you that you will understand what is happening below. It is a one of a kind experience that will enhance and enrich anyone’s life!
— Ramsey El-Taieb
Rebecca is a warm and engaging teacher. She opened up my eyes to all the in my natal chart. Connecting with her has been so transforming for me. I will never be the same - in a really good way.
— Veronica Winsch
I met Rebecca years ago at a workshop she was teaching. I was immediately drawn to the lightness and life that she brings to the ancient art of astrology - she makes it so accessible and fun, without sacrificing any of its depth and life-changing potential. It’s been such a joy to be in her astrology school. I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of myself, and seen how we are all “wired” really differently, based on studies of natal charts. This has helped me to be much more patient and understanding with my friends and family;) And, the class really feels like a true spiritual community: supportive, intimate and inspiring. I will miss our weekly gatherings!
— Gregg Andrews